Nikon Instruments, Inc. Introduces New Research Stereomicroscopes

Newly developed objectives offer unparalleled optical performance

Nikon Instruments Inc. is pleased to announce the latest enhancement of its stereomicroscope lineup with the addition of the new SMZ1270 and SMZ800N microscopes. These new systems feature an expanded zoom ratio, enhanced ease of operation, and excellent optical performance. Paired with newly developed WF objectives, these new models offer unparalleled chromatic aberration correction for brighter, sharper images across a large field of view, and best-in-class zoom ratio ideal for use across a wide range of biological, medical, and industrial applications.

The SMZ1270 and SMZ800N models offer highly refined performance over basic parallel-optics stereo models, and build on the long-standing reputation of the Nikon SMZ800/1000. In addition to best-in-class zoom ratio and sharper images, these cost-efficient models also incorporate an extensive lineup of accessories that support a variety of applications.

“We are thrilled to offer a solution that will be sure to exceed expectations. The new SMZ800N/1270 scopes raise performance to a new level in their class, which will be apparent when observing fine structures or performing delicate manipulations,” said Stephen Ross, Ph.D., General Manager of Product and Marketing at Nikon Instruments, Inc. “When the key features of this equipment – such as high-magnification, high zoom ratio and high-definition imaging – are paired with improved ergonomics and an extensive lineup of accessories, it makes for an ideal solution across a number of biological and industrial applications.”