Kommende ibidi aktiviteter høst/vinter 2022

ibidi Webinars 

After the great success of the two webinars on “Cell Culture Under
Flow”, we will continue to present scientific topics in combination with ibidi
applications to our customers in live webinars.


The following webinars are scheduled for Q3 and Q4:

Sept 20:
Customer Talk: Shuntaro Yamada, Norway
How to Setup a Successful Immunofluorescence Experiment


Oct 18:
Customer Talk: Corinne Lebreton, France
Modelling of UNC45A Deficiency by iPSC-Derived Intestinal Organoids


If possible, we will provide recordings of the webinar sessions together
with our other recorded webinars here.

ibidi Online Courses


The online courses in Q1 an Q2 resulted in a total of around 400 registrations!

For the second half of this year, our ibidi Academy team has again set up a series of online courses on various topics.


We will publish the dates and schedules with the registration form on the ibidi website. E-mailings will be sent out to promote these events. Of course, we will provide templates for these e-mailings in your countries.




Cell Culture Under Flow Course

– Sept 20-21
– Sept 27-28

ibidi Pump Course

– Oct 11

– Oct 12

3D Course

– Nov 2

– Nov 3

Chemotaxis Course

– Nov./Dec. (final dates not fixed yet)