SMZ25 / SMZ18

Nikon’s Stereo microscopes, SMZ25 and SMZ 18 are revolutionizing stereomicroscopy. With the world’s largest stereo microscope zoom range of  25:1, the SMZ 25, offers exceptional and unique capability. Parfocal ultra-high-performance objective lenses, exceptional optical design throughout and, accessory modularity all provide greater user convenience due to a design philosophy focusing on ergonomics

These new top of the range stereo microscopes cover a wide range of applications from routine stereoscopic observations with image capture of superb quality, to more challenging applications where low magnification is used to select a region of interest, and then with the world’s highest zoom range available, a feature may be seen at a far higher magnification without the need for changing lenses or moving the focus drive risking loss of position of the point of interest.

Once an objective turret is added the magnification can be extended far above the 25:1 presenting a high resolution image to the operator equally to both the left and right side optical paths.

Brochure to SMZ25 and SMZ18


High-end Materials Science and Industrial use

  • Research and Development activities across the full range of component parts and materials
  • Production Quality Control functions for both routine and critical component applications
  • Failure analysis studies to help determine, predict modes of failure, and verify applied solutions
  • Component surface examination, crack detection, corrosion studies and coating efficiency
  • Composite materials for Aerospace, Fabrics / Textiles, building and construction goods
  • Machine tool inspection for material integrity and features
  • Optoelectronic devices by structures and component location
  • Microelectronics, Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Mobile phone components & technologies, as well as electrical shavers & fine watch manufacturing
  • Medical devices including Implants, Prosthetics, and Intra vascular systems
  • Paint and coating technologies, inspecting both raw materials and in-situ coating integrity
  • Art and antiquity conservation / restoration in both research and routine activities

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