XT H 225 ST 2x

For many years, X-ray CT (computed tomography) has been used in laboratories for inspecting the interior of samples such as fossils and artefacts. More recently, this valuable technology has been finding its way into the manufacturing environment for quality control applications. It is able to non-destructively detect voids, burrs, cracks and other imperfections inside components and assemblies, including those that have been additively manufactured. It also serves as a metrology tool to ensure dimensional compliance, both internally and externally, to a high degree of accuracy.

However, manufacturers are no longer only finding failures in a manufacturing process. The usefulness of CT goes even further on the factory floor by allowing a production line to be adjusted continuously in real-time to prevent components falling out of tolerance. By combining unique hardware with innovative software, the XT H 225 ST 2x delivers the efficiency,  reliability and accuracy required for these production applications. Throughout the entire time to market of a user’s new product, all steps from R&D through production line setup and pre-series trial runs to full production are supported.

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